Hello Sunderland – The Axeman Is Back

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12th February 2018
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6th May 2018
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Hello Sunderland – The Axeman Is Back

I’m now working from two undisclosed locations in Sunderland.  Get In!!  I’ve missed loads of you guys and girls and I’m really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again soon.

This is great news for me as I live in this great city.  It’s also great news as I get to be part of two fantastic gyms that stand for ethics, equality, quality and investment.  

I’ll still be doing work in Newcastle as I now have commitments over there at three gyms as well as my new Online SculptR Project which has just went live.  You can link to that by clicking here.  The first 10 signups get the 20% discount offer so don’t delay as 3 have gone already.

I already have 5 people on my list for 1:1 training so if you want to get on it you’ll need to a) message me ASAP & b) pay a deposit of 20% of your chosen package within 5 days of going on the list.  All packages can be found here.  The first 10 signups will also receive a 20% discount of ANY of those packs.  And already 5 have signed up so only 5 spots left.

I’ll be doing what I do best which is 1:1 & 1:2 PT as well as offering my own unique style of old school bodybuilding training for men AND women which has proven results.

I am still offering all clients a full and redesigned FREE nutritional pack, a FREE home metabolic workout pack and my unprecedented level of experience, expertise and after care.

The back end of January until now has been a WOW experience with new doors being opened for me that I didn’t even know existed.

I’m already on one app, another is being developed for me as we speak and then there’s another amazing project in the works.

And lets not forget that I’ve TRAINED and DEVELOPED other “personal trainers” from the North East area.

I originate.

I innovate.

To me – you matter most.


Message me for info.



Message me for info.