JD Podcast – The Truth Is In Here

Lowering Your Insulin Requirement
6th May 2018
Junior Training Super Camp
19th July 2018
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JD Podcast – The Truth Is In Here

This Podcast looks at the following:

  • Why I was banned from JD Gyms Sunderland
    • A structured and detailed rundown of EXACTLY what happened including the phone call made to me
  • Strongman competition past and future
  • Nutrition seminars and upcoming events free for you to attend
  • Current offers

The latest Podcast link is found here below – just press play on the link (not the photo)


The current special offers I have on at the moment are featured on the Podcast in detail and also seen here on the YouTube video below.

These screenshots are referenced within the Podcast so will make sense as you listen.

So there you go.  Nothing else has occurred.  This is exactly how it happened.  Full disclosure.

Black or White there is no Grey.

***2nd July update – 19:52pm and just under 957 listens so far.  Here is a selection of the feedback below I’ve been sent ***

The gym(s) I’m available at are listed on this link here.

Happy Training

Remember….the truth hurts (sometimes).