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Lee "Axeman" Axon - T4 Training

Lee “Axeman” Axon

About me

They call me Axeman because of my razor sharp focus to fitness and my heavy drive towards your goals. I'm a Level 3 Cert Personal Trainer. I first stepped into a gym when I was 13 years old (July 1987), obsessed with Arnie (like most boys back in the 80’s) I looked to become my idol by soaking up magazines, hints & tips and learning as much as I could.

As a skinny kid I was bullied at school and didn’t have a lot of confidence in life. The weights and bodybuilding were my saviour and it helped me sculpt an emotional and physical identity that transformed my ability to engage with life.

For over 30 years I have continued to learn and implement as much as possible on a personal journey to building the better body and in 2012 this culminated in me taking to the stage in my first bodybuilding competition and I have competed again since. In 2017 I was top 5 in the UK at the finals of the National Fitness Awards 2017 Personal Trainer of the Year. In June this year 2018 I competed in my first Strong Man competition not only to test myself at 44 years young, but also to show you how easy it is to come out of your comfort zone. When I'm not training myself or others I'm delivering nutritional seminars to gyms and local business.

My Strengths

  • Weight Training
  • Caridio
  • Martial Arts
  • Guidance
  • Emotional Support
  • Nutrition

I have personal trained people for years and now I’m offering you the chance to take advantage of all my expertise, passion, drive and commitment to help you achieve that better body.

I have changed my body for myself which means I can be trusted to change your body. Would you pay for a dentist with rotten teeth?

I offer 1:1 & 2:1 sessions, online coaching as well as nutritional guidance and planning. Whatever your motivation is to get to that next level or to take that first step on your new quest then I am ideally placed to guide you along that path. I’m not someone who has been training for a year or two – I have years and years of experience under my belt. Our client reviews speak volumes http://t4training.co.uk/testimonials//

Facts to know about Lee;

Favorite film - The Last Samuari

Favorite food - My spaghetti bolognese

Social media - YouTube LeeAxon, Twitter & Instagram t4_training, FB @t4personaltraining, LinkedIn Lee Axon, email Lee@t4training.co.uk

Pastimes - YouTube, walking the dogs, motorbike riding, video games, movies, napping and lifting heavy weights!

Interesting facts - Blackpudding ironically is bad for you !!! I was officially the 8th best video game player in Britain in 1992 and featured in Gamesmaster Magazine for my ability in Street Fighter 2 (for which i'm still unbeatable)