Mayfair Meal Prep and Collection


I can tell you that the number one reason people fail to make progress with THEIR training goals always comes down to nutrition.

Thankfully the local company Premier Nutrition and the Sunderland house of gainz ‘Mayfair Fitness Centre’ has now teamed up and are offering a killer nutrition set-up within the gym.

The café is now open for business for either a sit down hot meal after training, if you’re passing or simply for you to collect your daily or weekly requirements.

Meal prep is key to success and Mayfair Fitness Centre now take out the hassle of preparation for you, giving you more time to work rest or play.

You can purchase a single meal for £4.50 or a set of any 10 for £45.  Meals are set to last 4 days in a refrigerator.

You can also specify exactly what macros you need, so if you’re cutting, bulking or sulking then the plan is bespoke to your needs.

Meal choices re as follow:

The café and gym are just above the car wash and next to the garage.

A tour of the gym can be seen in this YouTube video below.

The gym has been running for over 30 years and features a great mix of men and women all training hard rather than sitting on machines taking selfies.  Its a very popular locally ran facility with heritage and history and has a very warm atmosphere from its members.

It’s a gym ‘gym’ not a GloboGym.

For more information on meal prep contact the gym direct on its Facebook Page or message myself.

Happy Eating