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My Gyms - T4 Training

My Gyms

As a freelance Personal Trainer I’m available pretty much anywhere as long as I can gain an agreement with that particular gym.

At present I am regularly attached to two gyms.  One is in Newcastle (Marley Gym) and the other is in Sunderland (Mayfair Gym).  I am from Newcastle but have lived in Sunderland for nearly 5 years now.

Both of these gyms do not require you to have a membership.  You are covered by my insurance (£5 million public liability) and you train as my guest.  This is a massive benefit to you as it gives you a 2nd option for training rather than you having to commit to a Direct Debit.

Both of these gyms have been in operations for 30 years and are not run by corporate rules and regulations.  They are ran by owners who are concerned about the art of ‘lifting’ and ‘training’ not by ‘numbers of members’.

These gyms have a great range of equipment and a membership made up of very friendly folk who want to help and assist you where possible.  There is always plenty ‘craic’ available should you want it.

Both gyms don’t have great mobile phone signals either which is also a bonus!

Marley Gym can be found at this locations here.

You can view Marley Gym on YouTube below.

Mayfair Gym can be found at this location here.

You can view Mayfair Gym on YouTube below.

I do not (NOT) PT, work, take money or any other type of transaction for skill and time from the following locations;

  • JD Gyms (any of them)
  • Pure Gyms (any of them)
  • Xercise4less (any of them)
  • DW Fitness (any of them)

My agreement is with the two gyms above.

I do offer advice if asked, and give tips to anyone in any of the other gyms listed above should people ask for them (this includes Personal Trainers on how to grow your business).

This advice is free and is not meant in anyway to undermine or take away business from other PT’s attached to said gyms.

A more in depth ‘about me’ can be found here.

  • For more info please contact me via the following social media platforms;
  • Instagram T4_Training
  • Facebook T4PersonalTraining
  • YouTube LeeAxon
  • LinkedIn Lee Axon
  • Email lee@t4training.co.uk

Details on PT packages can be found here.

I also offer packages for under 18s here.

Testimonies can be found here.

Thanks for reading.  If you see me about just say hi, and if you see me in any of the gyms I DONT work in then please ask permission for me to offer you advice lol because JD Sunderland spat their dummy out big time and banned me for offering better advice than their staff!

Happy Training



Lee Axon (Axeman)