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Personal Training - T4 Training

Personal Training

With myself in mind,  I believe that a Personal Training product should be two things;


Before you even bother reading the below please spare yourself 6 minutes to listen to a mini podcast telling you exactly what to expect from me and more specifically, what I expect from you.

And remember – hope is not a strategy.  You have to actually do hard work!

Benefits of a Personal Trainer 

·         Faster and better results. Having a personal trainer to guide you through your fitness routine will help make sure you are spending time on the  proper types of exercise

·         Proper fat loss and muscle gain

·         Reduced chance of injury

·         Establishes a lifetime exercise habit

·         Overcome plateaus

On all sessions, you are required to warm up yourself before working out with me and be ready to work out on the diary time agreed (where possible).   For example, on a 08:00am start with us you should ideally be stretched and warmed up on that time and ready to train.  Obviously we appreciate sometimes running late is part of life!  You are free to add on extra work or cardio at the end of the session if you feel it’s applicable and I can advise you of what to do.  I recommend ‘up to’ 60 minutes maximum for our sessions.

Here is a typical example of the type of giant set rotation we will do

What to expect (AS WELL AS RESULTS)

  • Initial metabolic measurements, logging and goal setting (this is advised but not compulsory.  However from experience when people start to improve, they look back and ‘wish’ they had their initial measurements taken.  It’s your choice and the information is kept confidential.
  • First training session FREE to understand our compatibility and if you like the training style.
  • Level 3 Cert.
  • First Aid Trained
  • £5 million public liability insurance
  • Regular measurements and logging to see progress and assess any concerns monthly.
  • Gym training.
  • Final measurements, logging and goal review.
  • 54+page nutritional document to educate you just a little bit more about performance nutrition.

Below is my package structure for 1 person or for 2 person (couples / friends).

A single session / pay as you go is £30.

Booking blocks of sessions come in 10, 20 and 30 and are more cost effective than single sessions.  Sessions typically last 50-60 minutes.

Package Details

  • Single person package – £250 for 10 sessions £450 for 20 sessions  £700 for 30 sessions for 1 person.
  • Couples / Joint package – £350 for 10 sessions £550 for 20 sessions £800 for 30 sessions. These prices are to be SHARED between two persons.*
  • As well as this you will get the 54+ page nutritional planner and guide written by myself FREE as well as the Keto Performance Plan
  • A home workout plan for you to do when you can’t get to the gym FREE

Any referral you introduce gets you an extra 1 session training free on top of your current package so it’s in your interest to spread the word as like many of my clients you will end up getting more sessions FREE.

Any renewal gets you 10% discount.

Renewal must be made within 14 days of previous booking ending otherwise you will be classed as a ‘new starter’.

If the sessions are in Newcastle at Marley, you do NOT have to be a member of that gym to work with me – you would sign in as a guest.

*For Newcastle training you will need to add £50 on top of all block booking prices above to account for my traveling time and costs as I am based in Sunderland.

The same is for Mayfair Sunderland which is also just you training as my guest.

To help you decide please take a look at just a selection of my genuine reviews here.

So how do you make the first step?  Simply email lee@t4training.co.uk or connect with me on my Facebook Page T4PersonalTraining, LinkedIn Lee Axon or Instagram t4_training and send me a direct message.

I always start by meeting for a coffee and having a nice relaxed chat.

(peanut butter and pork Sunday dinners are life 😉

I look forward to seeing you soon.

*** If you believe the earth is flat then don’t contact me.  Trust me we will have nothing in common haha ***

And finally, if you have requested info such as the above please message me if its not for you.  Thanks.

Healthy regards,