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Summer 2019 Weekly Payment Scheme - T4 Training

Summer 2019 Weekly Payment Scheme

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Summer 2019 Weekly Payment Scheme

So Love Island is finished and all those gorgeous bikini and beach short wearing bodies are no more.  Lets be honest, most of us want a toned body for our holidays (most of us).

Summer 2018 is drawing to a close and for a lot of people with good intentions on January 1st – most didn’t get anywhere near finding their ‘own’ ideal figure or physique.  You’re not alone trust me.

But on January 1st 2019 you’ll do it all again.  Facebook posts, Instagram screenshots and new £1 shop diaries on ‘lifts, sessions and nutrition’ to help get you motivated.  And ultimately that’s great.  However, what about…money.  It’s usually pretty scarce as you got paid early in December and January is a long ass month!

Yes you can afford £15 a month for a gym but what if you don’t know what you’re doing?  How can you afford personal training when you’re literally broke and waiting for January AND February pay day!  You’ve piled on the lbs (again) over Xmas because ‘you only live once’ and now panic to try and shift the weight as quick as possible knowing it’ll fly back on soon enough – the problem is you don’t know about nutrition fully.

Help is at hand trust me.

Every year I offer my unique ‘buy now train later‘ program.  Its really simple.  Each week you pay a standing order to my bank account and then when January 1st comes upon us ‘boooom!’ – you’re paid in full for 10 sessions of Personal Training (or longer you decide) without having to worry about finding a lump of money you don’t have but wish you did.

I’ve offered this for 3 years now and trust me its a ‘godsend’ when January 1st comes around.

What to expect (AS WELL AS RESULTS)

  • Initial metabolic measurements, logging and goal setting (this is advised but not compulsory.  However from experience when people start to improve, they look back and ‘wish’ they had their initial measurements taken.  It’s your choice and the information is kept confidential.
  • Level 3 Cert.
  • First Aid Trained
  • £5 million public liability insurance
  • Regular measurements and logging to see progress and assess any concerns monthly.
  • Gym training.
  • Final measurements, logging and goal review.
  • 54+page nutritional document to educate you just a little bit more about performance nutrition.

Let’s look at an example…

From 1st of August to January there are 24 weeks.  You would pay £12.50 per week in advance to cover your training for 10 sessions.

What’s £12.50?  For most its 3 – 4 Starbucks a week or 2 daily trips to the lunch shop for a ‘meal deal’?  There’s better ways to spend your money to invest in your health and future yeah?

In 2019 ‘most’ want the following;

  • A holiday
  • To look their best on the beach
  • To feel fitter
  • To know more about nutrition
  • To understand the gym more
  • To feel sexier for themselves
  • To feel sexier for their partners
  • To lower their blood pressure
  • To start a fresh
  • To be confident in clothes
  • To just …. be ….. better!

When you joined your gym recently did you get the impression from the staff that they actually gave a f***?  Dressed in uniform cleaning machines do they give the impression they are there for you?

Does the gym send you a text or email if you’ve not been there for a few weeks asking if you’re ok or what they can do to help you more in the gym?  Or, do they just want your money?

The two gyms I work from are independent.  We are not part of a ‘globogym’ framework – we care and we recognize when you’re not there.  We know your name.

More about these gyms is on this link here.

This is where a guide and expert such as myself comes in to play.

I’m always fully booked so be honest I can’t even predict how busy i’ll be in January but if you want to GUARANTEE a place for January then time is of the essence and ultimately the longer you wait the less weeks you have to pay an affordable amount in advance.

More about me is on this link here.

My current offers are on this link here.

I’m on Instagram T4_Training and Facebook T4PersonalTraining as well as LinkedIn Lee Axon.

I’m a trainer of other Personal Trainers and have been recognized in the industry as a top uk trainer.

You can contact me on email lee@t4training.co.uk or via my social media.

Don’t delay.


Happy training,