What is T4 Training?

T4 Training is a style of training I invented and have lived by for over 20 years. The T4 Training technique focuses on the following 4 elements to ensure that you remain safe while lifting, but also maximizing the effort that you put in to building that better body.....Lee Axon T4 Training founder.


This refers to the pace and intensity of the workout ensuring you get a great cardiovascular workout as well as a muscular one. A high tempo will deliver greater blood flow to the muscles and also help accelerate caloric burning while you train - aka fat burning. You want to fit into that wedding dress or that bikini for your holiday in a couple of months? My training methods will get you there.


This refers to not just an incredibly safe way of lifting, but also ensuring that you are able to take the muscle through the entire range of motion to gain maximum muscle hypertrophy (lean muscle building) and flushing your body with all the vital stimulants and nutrients that you need to build that better body. You want to stay healthy while working towards your goals? Training with me is the best way to train.

Time under Tension

This refers to the length of time that it takes you to complete a single rep. To get the most out of your workouts you need to be able to control the muscle and the weight to get the most out of your time while you work towards building that better body. You want to fill out that T-Shirt or have arms and legs that look toned in your new cocktail dress? My training method is the type of training you need..

Is it tough? Yes. Is it worth it? Definitely.

T4 Training is a style of training I designed myself and have trained with for years.